For your success on the Indonesian (and Malaysian) market we are with you! You can count on our extensive experiences in this region of the world since many years as well as on our good contacts.

You do not have to venture alone on this big market with over 220 m. potential consumers, extensive resources, ideal investment and production possibilities! Develop your projects and create your ideas together with us! Our services are tailored to our customers' needs.

Intercultural orientation from the very beginning is the keys to success in Southeast Asia. Misunderstandings may destroy even long-lasting business partnerships. By means of Intercultural Communication Training, cultural introduction and language courses you gain intercultural competencies. With our professional interpreters and translators you will understand your partners in Indonesia and they will understand you. We will back you in creating and extending your contacts and assist in designing your marketing concepts and advertising material.

We provide you the information you exactly need. We organize your business travels to Indonesia (and Malaysia), for you alone or for a smaller or larger group, as well as we support you in attending to your Indonesian guests.

For culture sponsoring and cultural events we find out for you the fitting Indonesian artists from theatre, film, music, dance and painters. Furthermore, we help you, to settle your private matters (e.g. marriages, house purchase etc.).
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